Tyre Replacement & Repair

Gort Road Tyre Centre have a huge range of tyres to suit all budgets. It may be possible to repair a punctured tyre, saving you money. All of our tyres come with new valves and balancing completely free of charge.


Wheel Alignment & Tracking

Misalignment can occur as a result of hitting the kerb or a bump in the road and can have a detrimental effect on your wheel balance, grip and control and can also cause premature wear to your tyres.


Wheel Balancing

When a wheel is fitted to your vehicle it needs to be balanced. Balancing ensures a smooth driving experience and is a vital part of the tyre replacement process.

Lock Nut Removal

A lock nut is a nut that is fitted to your wheels that has a unique head. This means without the key the wheel cannot be removed. We specialise in the removal of lock nuts when this key has been misplaced.

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